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UTX-3117 IoT Gateway for Solar Power


Solar power is the fastest-growing source of new energy. However; current solar power transfer effectiveness is still very low. Solar tracker system are an efficient power generation system that is designed according to the sun’s incident angle and follows the sun’s position.

Advantech provided a UTX-3117 IoT gateway with LoRa solution to collect solar panel and solar radiation data in real time via LoRa from each solar panel in an area of over 10~15km. In addition, UTX-3117 uses an optimized thermal design that can sustain full load operation in -20~60 °C critical environments. UTX-3117 with Azure IoT Edge will analyze data and control the solar panels' angle based on the sun’s incident angle through LoRa. Azure IoT Edge then transfers data to the Azure IoT hub cloud service via 3G/LTE. Finally, the end user remotely monitors the solar energy from the control station or through mobile devices.

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