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WISE-PaaS 3.0 On-Premise Deployment

WISE-STACK is Advantech’s private cloud offering with an on-premise deployment method. The fully integrated system offers the complete cloud experience and development toolset. End-to-end security features and a user defined access pathway ensures security and privacy of data and AI models. WISE-STACK is designed and tested to host AIoT applications with high availability, elastic expansion, and high data throughput characteristics. All WISE-PaaS services offer seamless integration with Advantech edge devices. Companies can easily complete their IoT initiatives by combining Advantech’s edge computing products with WISE-STACK.

System Architecture

WISE-PaaS 3.0 On-Premise Deployment

Feature Highlights

The Benefits of WISE-STACK: Fast System Integration and High Data Throughput

WISE-STACK Configuration

Advantech provides standardized, on-premise cloud configuration to satisfy large computation and high availability needs. Starting configuration consists of six server nodes and one optional analytic node with GPU.

WISE-Stack Configuration