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WebAccess+ Solutions

WebAccess, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solution, is the first Client/Server/Browser based configurable SCADA software. Through Advantech’s HMI/SCADA system, we can build up the foundation of IoT data management. In addition, with its open architecture, vertical domain applications can easily be integrated. In WebAccess+ solutions, WebAccess runs on a preconfigured Advantech solid hardware platform to collect field data from remote I/O devices and/or controllers via different communication ha

Product Categories

  • Edge SRP

    To realize Industry 4.0 with internet of things more efficiently and make it more reliable in factory or equipment application, it is crucial for device to equip with edge computing ability. Edge intelligence could make data-driven decision and boost productivity. Allied with diverse software partner, Advantech provides a brand new series of Edge Solution-Ready Platform (Edge SRP), that equipped with different edge computing, edge analytics ability and numerous services to satisfy the market nee

    • Edge Data Collector

      Edge Data Collector, supporting more than 200 PLC protocol conversion
    • Edge Visualizer

      Centralized Visualizer, simplifying management of applications and visual source via centralized management solution
    • Edge Analyzer

      Edge Analyzer, providing real-time diagnosis and abnormal signal detection
    • Edge Controller

      To improve the way of data processing and help improve profitability, reduce downtime, and lower operational costs, automation control solution should leverage data from distributed industrial equipment and turn it into actionable insight. Advantech offers a full portfolio of hardware products empowered by CODESYS, the leading IEC 61131-3 automation software for developing and engineering controller applications. The Edge Controller solution provides system integrators and automation vendors wit
    • Edge Networking

      Network communication, enabling a non-stop, multi-directional and remote network management for various industries Leveraging over 20 years of industry experience to develop industrial communication products that provide reliable wired and wireless communication solutions for mission critical applications, Advantech officially introduces 4 network-focused Edge SRPs, offering a wide range of services ranging from protocol convention, centralized management, to fault tolerant systems, realizin
    • Edge Intelligence

      Cloud-to-Edge system integration is inevitably set to play an increasingly important role in IoT world.
  • WISE-EdgeLink

    From the perspectives of equipment manufacturers, owners, and maintainers need to have an easy and reliable data management systems to collect equipment data from field sites, Advantech WISE-EdgeLink provides a solution for Machine to Intelligent (M2I), and the edge intelligence software for data management. Without frequent on-site maintenance and service trips incurring the time and financial costs, users will be able to monitor critical assets, track equipment performance by data managem

  • WebAccess/VCM

    Advantech WebAccess/VCM is a video core module of intelligent and video monitoring system. WebAccess/VCM could instead your existing DVR or NVR systems for a comprehensive security system with video analysis capability. This total solution includes an edge intelligent system which will generate event and attribute data via WebAccess/VCM SDK APIs. It can be easily integrated into a central control system or other upper-level systems as the total solution.

  • WebAccess/CNC

    WebAccess/CNC is a core software solution for networking CNC machines. Leveraging the 100% web-based architecture of the WebAccess/SCADA platform, our CNC machine software provides not only crucial CNC networking functions, but also the benefits of SCADA software for CNC machining. With the inclusion of I/O device monitoring capabilities, WebAccess/CNC enables CNC information management and status visualization.

  • Solution Ready Platform (SRP)

    Advantech provide Solution Ready Platform for factory energy management, solar power management, and eqiupment management. Such as the Intelligent substation that can improve the energy efficiency, Wastewater treatment for water distribution and transmission to the factories, and intelligent remote monitoring solution offer a centralized supervision model to manage numerous solar power stations.The iFactory series focuses on prioritized markets with higher automation maturity—those with the capa

  • WebAccess HMI/SCADA software

    Advantech WebAccess is a web browser-based software package for HMI/SCADA software. All the features found in WebAccess HMI/SCADA software including SCADA Server, Widget Library, Excel Reporting, Remote Device Management, Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data, Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs, are available in HTML5 Dashboard which provides cross-platform and cross-browser data access and user interface.

  • WebAccess/HMI

    WebAccess/HMI Designer is powerful yet intuitive software to create total solutions for Human Machine Interface products. WebAccess/HMI Designer is proven in many application fields and is an easy integrated development tool.

  • Servidor OPC

    El Grupo de Automatización Industrial de Advantech presenta una interfaz estandarizada para los servidores de dispositivos industriales, de la OPC (OLE for Process Control) del servidor. Un servidor OPC proporciona a los dispositivos, tales como un dispositivo de E / S, para comunicarse con una amplia gama de paquetes de software HMI / SCADA que residen en un host. Cualquier sistema de software con capacidades de cliente OPC puede acceder a los conductores del OPC del servidor de Advantech .

  • WebAccess Bundled Products

    Advantech provides Project Web Access Bundled Products, including Touch Panel Computers and UNO products, as SCADA server and HMI control systems. When purchasing these products, users will get a bundle of WebAccess/SCADA and WebAccess/HMI by Windows 7 Embedded/ Windows 7 Pro for Embedded Systems (WES 7 Pro) OS built in to Advantech’s robust hardware platform. This allows users to configure the applications on the hardware platforms. When the application is running on the SCADA Node, users can

    • Operator HMI

      WA-HT series is a complete application-ready-package which allows users to easily achieve efficient, integrated HMI solutions for flexible system integration in automation industries. Ready-to-go Open HMI Solution Package enabling Industry 4.0 includes: -HMI Visualization for Process Information -Application-oriented HMI Design Function -Communication with Multiple Systems -Reliable Design for Field side Operation
    • Data gateway

      The WA-HU series is a complete application-ready-package which allows users to easily achieve efficient, integrated HMI solutions for production information visualization and multiple protocols translation in automation industries. Ready-to-go Open HMI Solution Package enabling Industry 4.0 includes: -Visualized Box HMI for Process Information -Application-oriented HMI Design Function - Communication Gateway with WebAccess/HMI Runtime -Reliable Design for Field side Operation

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    Keep Your Edge in Machine Vision Analytics

    Time management, ease of maintenance, and accuracy are always major demands for machine vision solutions at the edge. Edge computing solutions facilitate data processing at or near the source of data generation and serve as a decentralized extension of the cloud, data center, or campus networks.