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I/O Drivers and Utilities

The DAQ software helps to diagnose hardware with complete I/O drivers. It also includes DAQ SDK and DAQ utility application software to control specific hardware interface.

Advantech's DAQNavi/SDK Software Development Kit

Software development kit for application development with APIs to help configure and control DAQ devices.The SDK also provides supporting documents and utilities for testing.

Feature Highlights

Reliable Multi-Thread Programming

    DAQNavi’s thread-safe programming technology prevents problems occurring in multi-thread programming like system crashes or data errors.

LabVIEW Programming Support

    LabVIEW lets programmers visually build DAQapplications with DAQNavi Assistant and PolymorphicVI using a simple graphical programming approach.

Easy-to-Use Utility

    DAQNavi provides Advantech Navigator, an integrated utilitywhere programmers can perform hardware configuration andfunctionality testing without programming. 

Latest Operating System Support

    DAQNavi adheres to the latest Windows (32-bit and64-bit) and Linux operating system requirements. Inaddition, DAQNavi software design helps programmerseasily migrate their DAQ applications between OS,without spending lots of time solving compatibility issues.

Supports Multiple Programming Languagess

    For DAQ application development, DAQNavi supportsmultiple popular programming languages including C/C++,Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, Python, Delphi, Qt, Borland C++Builder (BCB), Java, MATLAB and LabVIEW.

Component-based Programming

    The API style follows the hardware design with methods,properties and events for each function. DAQNavi API isdesigned for programmers to shorten development time.

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