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Control IPC: WISE-5000 Series

The WISE-5000 is a revolutionary automation controller featuring compact size, high-speed processing, flexible expansion, and a high degree of integration for industrial automation control. The WISE-5000 series EtherCAT Slice I/O and Controller is designed with the smallest programmable automation controller (PAC) in the Core i class, with modular I/O and PCIe communication interface. This latest addition to the WISE series provides users with a solution that is both easy to integrate and scale. With this series, equipment manufacturers can easily set EtherCAT I/O modules to perform tasks such as data acquisition, detection, and machine control. When it comes to integration, manufacturers will also benefit from the cloud platform and IT/OT integration from PAC’s open architecture.

Product Categories

  • WISE Controllers

    The WISE-5580 controller is equipped with standard PCIe and EtherCAT communication interfaces on both its left and right side so that users can select communication and I/O modules according to their specific application requirements. The inclusion of a high-speed PCIe interface, as well as an EtherCAT interface that supports transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbps, enhances the performance of WISE-5580 for large-scale data transmissions and processing.

  • EtherCAT I/O Modules

    The WISE-5000 EtherCAT I/O Modules support transmission speeds up to 100 Mbps, and enhance the performance of WISE-5580 for large-scale data transmissions and processing.

    • Analog I/O

      The Advantech WISE-5000 analog input/output modules offers channel-independent configuration, signal type selection (AI has 6 channels and AO has 4 channels), sensor wiring burn-out detection and can be easily configured for different types and ranges of input/output to support versatile applications. Advantech’s analog input/output modules provide reliable functionality to satisfy your various needs.
    • Infrastructure

      Advantech’s WISE-5000 infrastructure modules construct the power systems of EtherCAT networks, and also facilitate extending the EtherCAT network to support 3rd party device or motion control solutions.
    • Digital I/O

      The Advantech WISE-5000 digital input/output modules are equipped with 8 or 16 channels isolated digital input / output channels.
  • PCIe Expansion Modules

    The Advantech WISE-54XX series are expansion modules for WISE-5580, targeted at increasing the communication capability of CPU modules.