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AdvancedTCA Blades & Integrated Systems

Advantech Integrated ATCA Systems, with the latest 40GbE backplanes, network switches, ATCA blade, and rear transition modules, optimize the network application platforms to achieve possible density at the rack level, with a maximum number of payload blades, network ports, and switching capacity.

Product Categories

  • ATCA Blades

    Advantech’s Intel x86 ATCA blades offer fast PCI Express gen 3 lanes, ATCA Ethernet switches, and the best in class virtualization support. The ATCA switch blades, with both fabric/ base interface, can be matched with our ATCA processing system to deliver an ideal solution for next generation appliances.

  • Fabric Mezzanine Modules

    Advantech Fabric Mezzanine Modules (FMM) is a new denominator for platform personalization at the ATCA blade level. For ATCA blade configurations, FMM technology, supported by Intel Ethernet Controller and SFP port, offers a small, more power-efficient set of options.

  • Rear Transition Module

    ATCA rear transition module is an I/O extension for Advantech ATCA blades: two Ethernet GbE ports provide I/O LANs for rear access; two USB ports (USB 2.0) support versatile USB devices; one PCI Express interface supports one mini PCIe socket with mini PCIe VGA module (optional) for FRU data and debugging.

  • Integrated ATCA Systems

    Advantech Integrated ATCA Systems are tailored for ATCA applications requiring faster packet processing. The ACTA systems, with the latest 40 gigabit Ethernet (40G) backplanes, switches and network application blades, optimize the network application platforms to achieve higher density at the rack level.